Sunday, February 20, 2011

Words that speak to me

Broken * Vulnerable * Truth * Beauty * Open * Scared

I see what is broken and feel a sense of pleasure
But to talk about this would make me liable to emotional hurt.
It would make me accessible - a place where others can see the truth.
To be uncovered.
But aren't we all broken, fragmented.
The beauty of broken, that sense of pleasure, is that in some way EVERYONE can relate to the word BROKEN.
And this is BEAUTIFUL.
It is said that to open your self up to vulnerability is to begin the healing process... people pat you on the back and say "way to go" - your awesome, I am SO proud of you.
I do not crack myself open to get a pat on the back.
I crack myself open to show you the beauty of BEING broken. That is where the healing begins, in the strength of vulnerability. (taking off the bandage and exposing the wound to the air)
Vulnerable. Broken. and unexpectedly BEAUTIFUL
Yes, it takes courage... So I ask, what is stopping you from being courageous... broken... vulnerable....

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